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Research Libraries UK – Digital Shift Forum

    “This building is never complete” – a tale of space, users and technologies

    Event: Research Libraries UK – Digital Shift Forum Seminar

    Speaker: Dr Hiral Patel

    Location: Virtual Event

    Date: 3 March 2021

    Library buildings are always in a state of flux. They have been continuously adapted in response to emerging technologies, pedagogical innovations or the creation of new library services.  This talk discusses the evolution of a library building over the last 50 years in response to changing user needs and digital technologies, taking the example of the University of Reading’s library. The talk concludes with provocations for the future role of library spaces, particularly in the context of rapid digital transitions instigated by the COVID-19 pandemic. The proliferation of technologies in our daily lives has a profound impact on ways of learning and the use of libraries. Rethinking library buildings as interactions between users, technologies and physical spaces will become even more pertinent.

    Visions for a library of the future

    As part of this talk, the attendees were invited to contribute their visions of a library of the future. The purpose of this activity was to gather themes that need further exploration and dialogue. Here are those postcards.

    Audience feedback