The Institution as an actor for urban transformation 

In this episode, we sit down with Claire Melhuish, an academic with a background in architectural history and anthropology. She discusses her work with the UCL Urban Laboratory, including her thoughts on urban regeneration and the role of university campuses in it. Claire also shares her insights on the shift from traditional to digital modes of education and the importance of sustainability in university spaces. She highlights the role that interior spaces play in creating memorable experiences, particularly on university campuses, and believes that these spaces should be inspiring. 

About Dr. Claire Melhuish

Claire has a background in architectural history and criticism, anthropology, and human geography, drawing on ethnographic and visual research methods and writing to analyse architecture and the built environment as social and cultural settings. Her particular areas of interest and expertise include Modern Movement and contemporary architecture, postcolonial urban aesthetics and heritage, and urban regeneration policy and practice, with specific area specialisations in the architecture and planning of the UK, France, Gulf and Caribbean.