Sustainable transport routes 


Join town planner Matthew Price in his informative podcast as he shares his wealth of knowledge on transport policy. With a focus on creating commutable and walkable spaces, Matthew emphasizes the significance of sustainable transportation approaches, including cycling, in designing urban environments. 

Drawing from successful examples and lessons learned in Germany and Copenhagen, Matthew provides valuable insights on alternative modes of transportation and their impact on urban communities. As an expert in the field, he stresses the importance of creating easily and safely accessible university spaces through cycling and walking. 

With a passion for creating sustainable urban environments, Matthew delves into a range of topics, from the latest innovations in transport policy to the social and economic benefits of walkable and commutable spaces. Tune in to his podcast and discover a world of possibilities where sustainable transport meets urban design, and where innovation meets accessibility. 

About Matthew Price

Matt has worked as the national director of Sustrans Cymru, to develop projects that enable more people to walk, cycle and use public transport. He now works with City of Cardiff Council on projects as part of Cardiff Sustainable Travel City Project and Sewta Regional Transport Plan 

Co-ordinating Transport Policy input to Cardiff Local Development Plan and strategizing major development proposals