Supervising thoughts on research and funding

In this podcast, Alison discusses the changes in university funding models and the impact on university spaces.  She suggests co-location of researchers and the users of research to foster knowledge exchange as well as demystify research.  Greens spaces have gained renewed importance as many work from home during the pandemic. Alison highlights the role that communal courtyard gardens might play to promote serendipitous interactions between colleagues.  She also shares insights from her experience of supervising doctoral students face-to-face and virtually.

About Alison Bullock

Alison is a professor of Medical and Dental Education at the School of Social Sciences, Cardiff University, and is currently the Director of Research for the School. Since 2009, she is Director of the Cardiff Unit for Research and Evaluation in Medical and Dental Education. The purpose of the Unit is to conduct multidisciplinary research and evaluation of the education and training of healthcare professionals. The other key aspects of Alison’s role include grant capture and doctoral supervision.