Studentification by Design 

In this podcast, Mark discusses the mobility of students at universities, how we may prevent loneliness on campus and the spaces we need to provide in order to do this.  He talks about his experience and work with studentification and the implications of this in a pandemic environment.  He discusses his research on the social and cultural geographies of youth and his own experience at university as a mature student.   Mark speaks with great passion about the global and neo liberal challenges we face and the role of the university as an institution in tackling these challenges. 



About Dr. Mark Holton

Mark was awarded a PhD from the University of Portsmouth, UK in 2013. Since then, he has held positions at Portsmouth, the University of Brighton and since 2014 as Lecturer in Human Geography at the University of Plymouth. His research on the geographies of youth explores themes of identities, belonging and embodiment, with a particular focus on young people’s citizenship and social justice. Mark has published over 20 articles in high-impact international journals and more recently has co-authored ‘Everyday Mobile Belonging: Theorising Higher Education Student Mobilities’ and co-edited ‘Creative Methods for Human Geographers’ published by SAGE.