Spaces for everyone to feel at home 

In this podcast, we hear from John Likeman, a seasoned educator with years of experience in private training on the topic of wellbeing. John shares his insights on a range of subjects including education and consumerism. He delves into the critical issue of inclusivity in campus environments and emphasizes that creating an inclusive campus requires more than just accommodating physical needs such as ramps in campus design. John passionately argues that university spaces should feel like home, and he shares his thoughts on how to create welcoming environments that prioritize the wellbeing of all students. Tune in to this enlightening conversation on mindful spaces and inclusive campus design   

About John Likeman

John has decades of teaching experience from ages three to adult. He has worked as a successful primary school practitioner and his leadership and effectiveness has been graded as sector leading. John has worked constantly in an advisory capacity for the Welsh Government, published educational materials and featured in BBC documentaries entitled ‘Aiming for Excellence’