Planning, structuring and developing learning spaces

Cora reflects on the evolution of universities and particularly the focus on students as customers and service-oriented approach. She emphasises the need to integrate university spaces with their urban context.  Cora discusses her design process in which engaging with people who use buildings is central; the engagement is essential from the initial stages of the project right through the evaluation exercises such as 'Inhabitant'.  Using the concept of 'sticky building', Cora highlights the role of placemaking referring to her recent project for Bristol Business School, University of West England. In addition, existing built estates pose a range of challenges and Cora shares ideas for re-inventing them.

About Cora Kwiatkowski

As Head of Universities and an accredited RIBA Client Adviser, Cora helps clients to plan, structure and develop projects from the earliest stages. Her extensive experience and impartial advice add value to projects and ensure a quality outcome in design and delivery.