Measured and inspiring spaces

In this podcast, Elaine discusses the importance of ritual spaces, reconnecting with nature and the role of university spaces in the exchange of ideas. She refers to the concept of a 'house of culture' and the role of university spaces in creating a shared language among different disciplines and cultures. She presents an interesting account of the historical evolution of measuring spaces, and emphasises human scale as we move forward. Elaine calls for future university spaces to be inspiring.

About Dr Elaine Davey

Elaine’s research has strengthened her resolve to help sustain our cultural heritage and diversity. She is passionate about widening access to our cultural heritage and conserving this heritage for future generations, as a resource and inspiration to aid social cohesion. During the period of completing her PhD with the Cardiff School of Planning and Geography at Cardiff University she undertook teaching duties at the School. Elaine’s thesis covered the work of the Percy Thomas Partnership in the ‘building’ of modern urban Wales. This has involved detailed research on the development of the political and architectural history of Wales and beyond.