Lovable spaces to lead us

In this podcast, lifelong learner and leadership expert Mia Kleregård discusses what education will look like in the future, particularly with the opportunities and challenges posed by the fourth industrial revolution.  She questions the idea of ‘knowledge is power' in the current context, as knowledge becomes more accessible through the mini-computers in our pockets – the mobile phone.  In turn, Mia highlights the need for creating learning experiences that focuses on social skills and self-leadership to collaborate, network and problem-solve with others.  University campuses will be key in creating such learning opportunities.  She brings home the point that to address the global challenges, we need to stay continuously curious and reach a common ground of love for all. Mia ends the podcast with a beautiful vision of the university as a platform that frees oneself and nurtures human creativity.

About Mia Kleregård

A leader with extensive and global experience, seen on stages around the world talking on the subject of leadership, the future of work – and the emerging space industry. Her mission is to contribute to a better world by bold and sustainable leadership. Mia is known to be a driven, goal-oriented leader that achieves amazing results through an inclusive management style based on values and diversity. She creates a culture of innovation, creativity and happiness. She educated herself at Singularity University in Silicon Valley, to be able to embrace the new technology and continue to lead successfully. Mia is today mentoring other start-ups in their Global Startup 2019 Program in SU Nordics. During her time at SU, she found a new area of interest in Space Technology and the Emerging Industry and at the moment she is engaged as an advisor to start-ups within the area. She had a dream to work in one of the biggest companies within the transformation, technology and sustainability, and that come true when she joined Tesla. Her mission is currently to build up the new location and organisation in southern Stockholm, Sweden.