Kinship and indigenous design 

Join Michaela in her captivating podcast as she explores the fascinating world of architecture and its impact on communities at large. With a firm belief in indigenous design, she shares her insights on how it can play a key role in sustainability while adding value and meaning to relationships. 

In her podcast, Michaela emphasizes the importance of creating memorable spaces that leave a lasting impression on those who experience them. As an expert in the field, she often works on architectural projects that tackle contextual difficulties such as language barriers and eco-tourism, providing a unique perspective on how design can be adapted to fit local needs. 

With her passion for architecture and its ability to shape the world around us, Michaela delves into a range of topics, from the latest design trends to the social and cultural impact of architecture on communities. Tune in to her podcast and discover a world of possibilities where design meets functionality, and where innovation meets sustainability. 

About Michaela Shirley

Michaela is originally from Kin Dah Lichii (Red House), Arizona. She has a Bachelor in Urban Planning from Arizona State University, and a Master in Community and Regional Planning from University of New Mexico. Michaela has research interests in schools and its role in the community development of Indigenous communities.