Collaborative and engaging spaces 

Join Emily Bacon in her insightful podcast as she shares her expertise on circular economy and innovation engagement. With a focus on the impact of technology on learning, Emily discusses the significance of face-to-face learning on campus and the shift towards digital learning. 

As an expert in the field, she highlights the pivotal changes that come with the rise of digital learning, such as the greater autonomy it provides in learning and engagement. Emily also explores innovative methods of transferring knowledge and reimagining traditional learning concepts, providing valuable insights on how to adapt to the changing educational landscape. 

With her passion for innovation and sustainable learning, Emily delves into a range of topics, from the latest trends in circular economy to the social and economic impact of digital learning. Tune in to her podcast and discover a world of possibilities where technology meets education, and where innovation meets sustainability. 

About Dr Emily Bacon

Emily’s PhD research focused on the conditions for knowledge transfer success within innovation ecosystems. She has published on knowledge transfer success within ecosystem partnerships and coopetitive relationships in internationally renowned academic journalsWith a teaching background, she currently teaches in the School of Management at both Undergraduate and Masters level.