Building academic communities

In this podcast, Louise reflects on the ubiquitous presence of technology as a major change within the HE sector over the last few decades. She discusses the importance of creating academic communities through both the physical hub which is the campus, as well as in the virtual environment. Both physical and digital environments are important, and prioritising one should not be at the expense of the other. Louise also reflects on the role of the professional services staff as critical to supporting the students in their learning. She also shares the growth in The Open University’s student numbers over the last three years. She emphasises flexibility as a key factor for this, which means turning the university model inside out and going to the learners where they are.

About Louise Casella

Louise is The Open University's (OU) senior officer in Wales, leading the strategic management, development and growth of the OU in Wales and supporting strategic change in the OU across the UK. She is working with the Wales team to support OU students throughout Wales.